Jacobo ROA

Jacobo Roa was born in Mexico City. It was his childhood where he got his inspiration for his unique style of art which you could say is like a collage of objects and bright

colors. His father worked for the geological institute and traveled around Mexico. Jacobo would travel with his father and it was the small towns, markets and people he

met that became a visual collection of things that inspires his work today. His father liked to get to know the areas, taste the local food, talk to the older people. The colors,

music and natural life all find places in his art now.

Inspiration to move to Playa Del Carmen

When Jacobo Roa was in high school he came on a vacation to Playa Del Carmen. He loved the colors of the Caribbean and said to himself that he would like to live there

one day. That was some 22 years ago he said that and now here he is, living in Playa Del Carmen. He has not been living in Playa for 10 years and become a centerpiece ofthe art community.

The career of Jacobo Roa up to now

Jacobo Roa has now been painting professionally for 15 years. He has show his work all over the world including places like Canada, United States, France, Spain,

England, Holland, Italy, Israel, and across Mexico. Once he was asked to show at the Mexican Embassy in Israel and was the only Mexican artist chosen. It is because of

his talent and reputation he has now sold over 900 paintings which hang all over the world. He is now getting ready to celebrate his 100oth work of art.

Jacobo ROA